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  • Where are you located
    Our store is located at 88 Firestone Road in Montauk, NY adjacent to The Montauket Hotel. Our freestanding store is open from May - October. We are open inside of The Montauket October - December.
  • Where do you find your vintage and antique pieces
    Our collections are comprised of vintage and antique pieces hunted, gathered, and sourced globally, with the majority of the pieces being collected when the store is closed January - April. We have developed an extensive archive of pieces, which we are currently working to curate in a showroom environment, shopable by appointment.
  • What condition are the pieces in
    Every item offered for sale has been properly laundered. If restoration is needed, we will restore the item before it is offered up for sale. Items are all pre-owned, and have general wear, however, we will not sell items with stains, holes, or odors. Our only caviats to this rule are vintage denim (as wear and patina actually increase the value of the piece) and antique white pieces (as mends and oxidation marks add to the antique character of the piece).
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