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about us 


We came, we saw, and most likely we bought vintage 

"A tightly curated collection of apparel from 1890-1990" - says Vogue 

Well, ok Vogue, that we are, and thank you! But we are much more  - Our pursuits are a bit more profound than good aesthetics.  Yes, we do keep it tight.  Our collections represent our point of view each season like it or not.  Some like our pieces enough to use them for design inspiration - Some fashion people like to rent our clothing to add flavor to their editorial, and our beloved clients visit our boutiques in search of pieces to light up their closet and maybe even their life (well at least their day?!) We are here for it, all of it!  


Our mission at Deep Blue Vintage is to elevate the experience of shopping vintage by assembling  collections of pieces of the past that seek to compliment, challenge, and inspire design aesthetic of the future.  Our goal is to making shopping vintage the most coveted option in order to positively impact our future as a planet.  There is a whole lot of clothing out there already.  Mountains of it in fact.  We are here to sift through it, and bring you the very best of what is out there.  


Gathered across the country and throughout Europe, the assortments shift season to season, week to week, day to day to highlight our most recent vintage finds.  Always on our radar - rare antiques, hand knit garments, novel tees + sweatshirts, denim + workwear, Hawaiian anything, 70's Gucci, and the occasional wacky over the top editorial piece for good measure.  

We have two actual stores - I use the term "actual store" loosely as one is a 1930s garage in the middle of nowhere, and the other is a Carriage House in an enchanted field.  If you can find us you won't be sorry.  

Montauk @ 88 Firestone Road @ The Montauket

Amagansett 129 Main Street @ The Amagansett Historical Association Carriage House 







Tucked away in the cliffs of Fort Pond Bay in Montauk, set against the backdrop of an antique garage find Deep Blue Vintage, a beacon of treasures found in the most unexpected of places [Montauk]

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